The concept of guest posting service offered by Guest Posting Canada is very simple to understand. And, here are the 4 major steps that we follow.

Depending upon the niche of your website or your online business, our guest posting experts carry out an extensive research to identify the blogs where we can publish high quality guest posts written by our in-house team of expert content writers.

Our team of in-house writers produces highly informative posts tailored to the target blog, where the post is to be published.

After developing high quality contents, our online marketers get in touch with the blog owners and request them to allow our articles to be published as guest posts.

We fine-tune the content further, get the guest post published on the blog, and promote it on social media to create a buzz.

Welcome to Guest Posting Canada

uest Posting Canada - Your Ultimate Resource for finding the Best Guest Posting Services in Canada!

We've got over a decade of experience in digital marketing, link building, and producing high quality content pieces that go viral on the Internet within no time… Looking at the demand for guest blogging service after the wrath of Google Penguin updates, we decided to roll out this specialized service to cater exclusively to the Canadian clients.

We’re not just another digital marketing firm that fails to exceed the expectations of the clients after making big promises! We believe in creating long-term business relationships, and most of our clients have done business with us for 3 years or more, because we've constantly added value to their respective businesses.

We focus on providing only high quality guest posting services, exclusively to the Canadian customers to help them gain high visibility in the local markets, and generating good business, and we don't believe in being jack of all trades, and master of none.
  • Who can benefit from your guest posting packages?

    Through our services, SEO agencies and independent web masters can benefit and give their client websites the right kind of credible link juice that they deserve.
  • Do you offer any bulk discounts?

    You bet – We do! All the larger orders of 100+ guest posts are eligible for bulk discounts, and they can go up to 20%, based on the monthly volumes.
  • How do you go about choosing the blogs for guest posting?

    Our approach is to come up with high quality articles on trending topics. This helps us in getting our guest posts approved at top level blogs and websites that are already known for their online presence.

Welcome to Guest Posting Canada

The best guest posting services in Canada brought to you at the most competitive prices!
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100% Real Sites

All the blogs that we use for guest posting are 100% real so your business gets exposed to thousands of potential customers. Unlike the other services that get your posts published on private networks, we make it a point to get the guest posts published only on genuine blogs.

Domain Authority 20-55

We filter the blogs on basis of several parameters, and domain authority is one of them. All the blogs that we use in the process of guest posting, have high Domain Authority in the range of 20 to 55.

Pagerank 1-4

We’ve got an inventory of blogs across all domains, which have Google PageRank ranging from 1-4. We keep adding more blogs into our database quite frequently, and we’re currently in the process of finding Pr5-8 blogs too.

Large Database

We’ve got an extensive database of blogs across all major niches, so we don’t use the same blogs for all the projects in a particular niche. This ensures that every client’s website receives links from different sites, and we don’t leave a foot-print in the process.

Large Social Audience

Through our guest posting service, we help you expose your business to a large social audience. We create bookmarks for all the guest posts, and also promote the same across all major social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest etc.

Majestic Trust Flow

Another crucial SEO parameter that we use for choosing the target blogs is the Majestic Trust Flow. And, we only use blogs that have flow metric of 10+ to ensure that it’s regarded to be a credible source by Google.

Penguin 2.0 & Panda Proof

No Need to worry about your website being penalized by Google, because our services are completely Penguin & Panda proof. Basically, only the links coming from low quality sources are penalized & we focus exclusively on building quality links!

High Quality Contents

Our talent team of in-house content writers simply leaves no stones unturned to ensure that every post that we create is 100% unique, and adds value to the target blog. In this way, all our posts get indexed very fast.

Deadline Guarantee

When we give you a word on the time-frame, we stick to it in majority of the cases. Only in exceptional cases, there are unforeseen delays in approval, and even then, we help you in getting a replacement post published very quickly.

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